Celebrating UMI at 50 with Vintage Video and Images

Celebrating UMI at 50 with Vintage Video and Images

First Preschool Student Book

First Primary Student Book

First J.A.M. Jesus and Me Student Book

First Juniorway Student Book

First inTeen Student Book

First Young Adult Today Student Book

First Urban Faith Student Book

First Direction Student Book

First Precepts for Living Commentary

UMI Corporate Building

Groundbreaking in 1995 for Current Corporate Building

First UMI Location: Dr. Banks' home

Second UMI office location

Third UMI office location



A Matrix of Majesty drawn out in ‘The Letter.’ The Bible speaks well of His splendor and no other literary masterpiece has done it better. Infiltrated with the works of His Hands. Fixated on the way He moves throughout the interface of genealogy by His own design and His own plan.

Allow the segue of expression of the Majesty of our Savior. He who opens the eyes of the blind and heals the sin sick soul despite the rebellion of behavior. HE IS, THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

We mock masks of perfection day by day while under His SAVING GRACE and have come to the end of another year. Yet, instead of giving thanks,  we’ve customized Christianity by falsifying humanity with the heralding of gift exchanges, red suits, white beards and black boots as the comrades of true cheer.

But Let’s Delve a little bit deeper into the REAL REASON why we’re here. We were created as instruments of Praise. To give God thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon our lives and to continually bless HIS Holy Name. Let us not get sidetracked by materialistic gain!

Unnecessary bloodshed, blood, sweat and tears from overtime worked, All this in attempts to show true love and care, catapulted into a twisted validation of true worth? Gifts wrapped in big black bags that zip. Lives snatched at gunpoint while souls do sift. All for the sake of gaining worthlessness at the expense of frivolous praise!

Consider the Reconciliation of the Creation to its Creator. Consider the honoring of the Father more than on Easter Day. Consider giving Him back the Glory due Him and humbling ourselves to seek Him, to Fast and to

Have you ever thought about teaching your family to sacrifice gifts to feed a family in need or those who lack? Have you ever thought about ministering to the necessities of missions, helping out and giving back?

The Word says, “When I was hungry, you fed me not.” “When I was thirsty, you gave me no drink.” Jesus tells us, “What you’ve done (or not done) to my least one, you’ve done (or not done) it unto me.”

So, let’s begin to focus on what Christ wants in this and every Season. After all, He’s the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He’s the epitome of Humility and to God’s Light, HE IS the beacon. A character of grace and wisdom that we should mark … We’re covered by His hands and safe in His Ark.

Just talking of His Wonder does something to my Soul. His Heart is Peace. His Love is Kindness and His thoughts toward us are PURE GOLD! So in this Christmas Season that we approach yet again, We commit to honor and continually praise Him for all that HE IS!

Author: ~Anita Latrice Riddle~

Urban Faith #YourVoteMatters Guide

Urban Faith #YourVoteMatters Guide

Michelle Obama:
When We All Vote

Video Courtesy of When We All Vote

What African-American Voters Are Looking for in 2020 Candidates

Video Courtesy of Bloomberg Politics

The presidential election season is heating up! Black and brown people need to be #woke and on point — voter suppression is real. Bring your ID, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. No ID? VoteRiders can get you one. If there is a Black wave coming, we all need to be proactive. Are you registered to vote? Find out in 30 seconds at Vote.org. Need more information? The National Association of Secretaries of State has state-by-state information on where to vote. Some states allow you to register online.

Not sure how to vote? These PDF downloads will get you up-to-speed:

Black and/or Civil Rights Voter Drives
Black Voters Matter Fund
Electoral Justice Project: The Movement for Black Lives
#Wokevote18: African American Voter Registration, Education, and Participation
NAACP Voter Registration
Your Vote Your Voice
When We All Vote

Did we miss one? Email us at [email protected].

Get a Free or Reduced Ride to the Polls
The Ride to Vote: Use Lyft to Exercise Your Rights


Pumps and Politics 901

Marissa Pittman wants to demystify politics for young women of color. She started an organization in Memphis called Pumps and Politics 901 to encourage young women of color to run for office and get involved in every level of the political process.

A matter of faith: Democrats embrace religion in campaign

While Republicans have been more inclined to weave faith into their rhetoric, particularly since the rise of the evangelical right in the 1980s, several current Democratic White House hopefuls are explicitly linking their views on policy to religious values.

Takeaways from Mississippi’s Senate runoff

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith’s victory was never really threatened by Democrat Mike Espy in Tuesday’s contest, which brought Mississippi’s long history of racial politics into sharp relief.

Urban Faith #YourVoteMatters Guide

The presidential election season is heating up! Black and brown people need to be #woke and on point — voter suppression is real. We’ll keep updating this page with new information as the 2020 presidential election draws nearer.

Legal decisions and a racist robocall in Georgia gov. race

Last-minute legal decisions, a racist robocall and a protester wearing a giant chicken suit holding a sign that reads “too chicken to debate.” These are the scenes playing out amid the final furious days of the hotly contested and historic race for Georgia governor between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp.

Oprah, Trump, Obama: Georgia’s star-studded closing act

In the final days in one of the nation’s hottest governor’s races, Oprah Winfrey and President Donald Trump, as well as former Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter and Vice President Mike Pence, are trying to put their imprint on the Georgia election.

Georgia GOP governor candidate sued over voter registrations

Civil rights organizations have filed a federal lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, accusing his office of preventing minority voters from registering ahead of next month’s closely watched race.

The lessons after threats drive a black legislator to quit

Voters in this very liberal, very white state made Kiah Morris a pioneer when in 2014 they elected her as its first black female legislator. Two years later, another Vermont surfaced: racist threats that eventually forced her to leave office in fear and frustration.

4 Questions to Ask When Comparing Midterm Candidates

You’ve probably seen a fair amount of “horse race” coverage focusing on competition between rival candidates while downplaying policies and platforms. But if you know how to read these stories, it helps you understand what’s at stake for you and can even inform your own political participation.

Voter ID tied to lower turnout in Wisconsin

A recent PRRI/The Atlantic 2018 Voter Engagement Survey found that 5 percent of Wisconsin residents surveyed said they or someone in their household was told they lacked the proper documentation to vote.