Easter Sunrise and the Risen Inmate

On Easter morning, God rejoices in the praises of His people from the church sanctuaries. But God also listens for the prayers of the prisoner. Will we also remember the prisoners and their families on Resurrection morning?

We’re Still Doing Easter?

Is it time for Easter again? It doesn’t feel like the Easter season. Easter (or Resurrection Sunday for the purists) is around the corner, and yet many people feel little reason to celebrate.

Masters of the Air x UrbanFaith

UrbanFaith Editor Allen Reynolds had the opportunity to talk to Dee Rees, one of the directors of the hit Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air which featured the Tuskeegee Airmen and fighter pilots during World War II. He talked with Dee about what it was like to tell...

UrbanFaith x Sow and Tell

UrbanFaith sat down with Denya & Cellus Hamilton to talk about their Sow & Tell conference that integrates Faith & Works for Black & Brown Communities

27 Summers: Ronald Olivier x UrbanFaith

Ronald Olivier went from life in prison to life in Christ. UrbanFaith interviews him about his book, his journey, and his advice for people feeling hopeless today.

Setting Goals

Where do you see yourself in two years? What about five years? Do you have a detailed plan for achieving these goals? It's easy to live from day to day without thinking about the specific steps you need to take to reach your future goals successfully. Many of us may...

Invisible Generals

As we honor our former soldiers this Veterans Day, let us learn the true story of these Invisible Generals who changed our nation.

A God with a heart for the marginalized

A lot of times, in the midst of trial and tribulation, one can feel as though no one sees or understands the plight they are going through. However, in Deuteronomy 24 we see the thoughtfulness of God.

The Burial: UrbanFaith x Willie Gary

UrbanFaith sat down with Willie Gary, the man behind the true story of the new film The Burial about having Jamie Foxx play him in a movie, the film, and his hopes to inspire others

4 Ways Marriage Requires Adaptation

Becoming married requires adapting to our partner in ways we aren’t normally taught. Here are 4 ways you can adapt to move forward toward a healthy marriage.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes: An Interview with Jane Elliott

Internationally known educator Jane Elliott who showed how racism is internalized by children discusses her hopes and concerns for relationships across difference over 50 years after her famous Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise

Never Forget, Despite the Pandemic

I remember the heartbreak and months-long mourning in New York City after that fateful day back on September 11, 2001. Even amidst this ongoing and insufferable pandemic, we owe the victims and their families a moment of recognition and remembrance. We must #NeverForget.

Praying For Our World

A Prayer for the World Inspired by A Conversation with US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield

Just Pray: An Interview with Pastor John Hannah

Many of us want to pray and grow in our prayer life, but struggle to figure out how to pray. Pastor John Hannah has insight to share. UrbanFaith interviewed Pastor Hannah about his new book Just Pray: How A Life Of Prayer Grows Unshakeable Faith.

The Original Juneteenth-An Interview

UrbanFaith sat down with Valerie Boyer, an educator, minister and Galveston native to talk about the history of Juneteenth and its meaning today as a federal holiday in the United States of America. 

Why Don’t We Celebrate Pentecost This Year?

Pentecost is one of the most important days in scripture, one of the most important days in Church history, and one of the most significant days for all Christians because it is the birthday for the Church. But it is a day that often passes with little celebration and attention in the lives of many believers. Why don’t we celebrate Pentecost?

Life Starts Now: An Interview with Chanel Dokun

Have you ever felt like you’ve been waiting for life to happen? Chanel Dokun, a therapist and life planner, helps us in her book Life Starts Now: How to Create the Life You’ve Been Waiting For

God’s Gift of Being Your Mother

COMMENTARY: I am not a biological mother, but I have mothered so many children throughout my life. My life has not played out the way I planned it, but it has worked out exactly as God has planned it.

Black Men x Healthcare: UrbanFaith

UrbanFaith interviewed Dr. Jerome Adams, former US Surgeon General and Dr. William Humphries, Neurosurgeon and healthcare expert about Black Men’s health.

The Dante Bowe Interview

In this UrbanFaith EXCLUSIVE Award Winning Christian Artist Dante Bowe talks about his journey, his creative process, and more

Praise This

EXCLUSIVE interview with Anjelika Washington from the new movie Praise This on peacock