Social Justice

27 Summers: Ronald Olivier x UrbanFaith

Ronald Olivier went from life in prison to life in Christ. UrbanFaith interviews him about his book, his journey, and his advice for people feeling hopeless today.

A God with a heart for the marginalized

A lot of times, in the midst of trial and tribulation, one can feel as though no one sees or understands the plight they are going through. However, in Deuteronomy 24 we see the thoughtfulness of God.

The Burial: UrbanFaith x Willie Gary

UrbanFaith sat down with Willie Gary, the man behind the true story of the new film The Burial about having Jamie Foxx play him in a movie, the film, and his hopes to inspire others

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes: An Interview with Jane Elliott

Internationally known educator Jane Elliott who showed how racism is internalized by children discusses her hopes and concerns for relationships across difference over 50 years after her famous Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise

True Impact: An Interview with Troy Vaughn

Troy Vaughn went from homelessness to pastor and CEO of one of the largest organizations fighting homelessness in the country. UrbanFaith sat down to hear his wisdom and journey

Why Midterm Elections Matter

We should vote because we need more good in our government. We should know our leaders from city hall to capitol hill