Take Your Christmas Celebrations from “Ho Hum” to Happy and Healthy

Experts share menu ideas and a list of healthy tips and tricks to help navigate the holiday season without sacrificing the flavor or fun of celebrating.

Southern Baptist seminary report ties founders to slaveholding, white supremacy

A 71-page report released Wednesday (Dec. 12) from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the Southern Baptist Convention’s flagship seminary, says its early trustees and faculty “defended the righteousness of slaveholding.”

Nigerian Women’s interfaith network builds bridges

“When Muslims and Christians sit together to explain how both religions operate it will aid understanding and put out any form of ignorance, stigma or hate that both parties have against one another.”





Finding Your Purpose



George H.W. Bush’s legacy on racial issues is complicated

George H.W. Bush got elected president after a campaign marked by the infamous Willie Horton ad, about a black murderer who raped a white woman while on a weekend furlough from prison. On the other side of the racial ledger, Bush appointed Gen. Colin Powell as the first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.





Urban Faith features 13 relevant Biblical lessons presented in a contemporary magazine-style format.






Lemonade, is a 50-minute, 13-song storyboard about staying focused, and distractions; staying positive, and disappointments, and how to respond when life gives you lemons.