Through the Eyes of a Survivor: A Glimpse of Faith, Hope, and Healing

Follow along as we journey through the faith, hope, and healing of Jasmine Nichol Tate. Her desire is to share wisdom and to encourage all those with eyes to see and ears to hear (Proverbs 20:12) that “God is still in the miracle-working business!”


COMMENTARY: I had a teacher who looked like me

“It is imperative that my students feel like they matter, and that they are accurately represented in their classrooms. I want them to see someone who looks like them, shares similar experiences and provides authentic anecdotes to overcome the challenges they experience.”

Here are 4 Amazingly Simple Steps To Making Godly Decisions

Whether it’s the college we attend, the person we marry, the first home or car we purchase, or the city we move to, decisions are a part of our lives. And to some degree, we always feel like we have to make the right decision. But how do we know what the right decision is?




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