4 Ways Marriage Requires Adaptation

Becoming married requires adapting to our partner in ways we aren’t normally taught. Here are 4 ways you can adapt to move forward toward a healthy marriage.

Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes: An Interview with Jane Elliott

Internationally known educator Jane Elliott who showed how racism is internalized by children discusses her hopes and concerns for relationships across difference over 50 years after her famous Blue Eyes-Brown Eyes Exercise

A Mom Trusting God in The Unknown

I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  You are strong, resilient, appreciated and loved. I want to encourage you all to not lose hope. Keep praying, seeking, and trusting God even in the unknown. He has proven himself faithful and will continue to be faithful for generations to come!

Praise This

EXCLUSIVE interview with Anjelika Washington from the new movie Praise This on peacock

The Marriage Mindset

or over two decades, people have been attempting to redefine marriage. And as commendable as pledging a lifelong commitment is, there is no difference between that and how God intended for us to approach our marriages.

The Church and Marriage: Why Can’t We Talk About Sex?

The Church is supposed to be a haven for people. It is often said that the church house is like a hospital, and the believers are the patients searching for healing. If you believe that to be at least somewhat true, then I think we should talk about what spiritual...

Loving Bravely

Commentary: Loving bravely is risking great personal cost to do good for someone, even when you know that others may ridicule you for doing so. That’s the kind of love I want to give this Valentine’s Day.