End-of-Life Decisions an Act of Justice

Making healthcare decisions bears witness to the power of agency, advocacy, and the humanity of African-Americans. For some, it may seem like just a document, but for us it is an act of resistance, and an act of freedom and justice.

Seeking unity, Biden should look to Nelson Mandela

Biden has knelt with Black Lives Matter protesters, an act of reverence for the lives that have been lost to violent and racist policing. What if he stood now with police chiefs committed to positive reform, perhaps at an interfaith prayer service, an act of commitment to a more perfect union?

’Tis the Season to Be Laid Off

Are you facing the holidays as one of the growing number of people in the unemployment line? Here’s honest advice from a guy who’s been there and lived to work again.

Black Leadership Matters

COMMENTARY: The rallying cry of “Black Lives Matter” reminded Americans of who we are and what we’ve suffered at America’s hands. Because Black lives are obviously precious, Black leadership matters more than ever. The time for decisive action is now.

Why do so few clergy serve in Congress?

It would seem like a natural fit: Americans are still very religious, while members of the clergy often possess the rhetorical skills and community ties that can launch political careers.

Food for the Soul

During this season of thanksgiving, gathering around the table for soul food reminds me of the profound African American story of which I’m a part — but also of how that story is tied to God’s greater story of redemption.

Why masks are a religious issue

Are masks a religious matter, or is religion being used to suit people’s political agendas? A scholar of Christian conservatism and culture argues both can be true

Commentary: The Enduring Gift of a Father’s Love

I have somehow learned to go on without his notes of encouragement, his bear hugs and his”just-to-say-I-love-you” phone calls. But what hasn’t changed is how often I still hear his words in my mind.

A Giving Father

A personal tribute from a daughter about her selfless father, a man of unwavering faith who cared deeply for his family and ingrained a ministry of caring for others in his children.

You Can Pray That Again

A praying life isn’t simply a morning prayer time. It’s about slipping into prayer at odd hours of the day — and not because we are disciplined. We are in touch with our own poverty of spirit, realizing that we can’t even walk through a mall or our neighborhood without the help of the Spirit of Jesus.

Gospel Grieving: Breaking Bread and Remembering

This moment in time has forced many of us to dig deep into the things and people that ground us. We are desperate for a familiar recipe — a set of ingredients that might nourish us the way they did in the past.

The Mother of All Gifts

Flowers, candy, and cards are nice, but for moms, the best Mother’s Day gifts of all are the people who make us mothers.

Developing a God-Shaped Mind to Work With Purpose

Have you considered work plans that involve being fully engaged in some form of work beyond retirement? In other words, are you developing a Christo-centric mindset that allows you to develop the right spiritual attitude to make satisfying and essential career transitions?

The After Life

COMMENTARY: I’m convinced we need the power of nature, of art and color and story, to move beyond existing and enter that place where we live fully, or at least, well. We do need words that spring forth from flowerbeds, that speak of newness and beauty and hope all wrapped up in one.

Words of Encouragement from Urban Faith

We’ve seen the local and national news and, like you, our timelines and newsfeeds are filled with sad videos. Click away from the drama and enjoy a few brief words of encouragement in difficult times. Stay strong!

We’re Still Doing Easter?

Is it time for Easter again? It doesn’t feel like the Easter season. Easter (or Resurrection Sunday for the purists) is around the corner, and yet many Millennials feel little reason to celebrate.

COMMENTARY: When I Was Homeless…

I haven’t shaken a cup for donations in over two decades, as I have managed to string together 16 and a half years of sobriety. It took me a while to find the right angel.

When God Closes a Door …

Like many journalists, Emeri O’Brien fell victim to the economic turmoil in the newspaper business. Here’s how she coped with being laid off from her dream job.

A Call to Black Leaders to Condemn Anti-Semitism

COMMENTARY: If he were alive, Martin Luther King, Jr. would call upon the moral leaders of the Black community to lift their voices in support of our Jewish brothers and sisters, a community from out of the trauma of the Holocaust understood persecution and hate and stood with the Black community during the Civil Rights Movement. I know because I was there.

What is Kwanzaa Really About?

Perhaps you may attend a Kwanzaa celebration at your church or even participate in Kwanzaa in the comforts of your own home, but do you really know why? What is Kwanzaa and why do so many African Americans choose to celebrate the holiday?

Do you eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day?

Don't see the audio player? Click here. Many Southerners and African Americans eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. Down South, African Americans often ate them because they were cheap and filling. Some believed they offered hope of freedom or prosperity...

Reflections of Christmas Past and Present

“I may not understand His thoughts or His ways, I will not lean to my own understanding; I will trust Him in all that I do. I hope the Christmas season brings you as much joy as it brings me. And always remember: Jesus is the reason for the season!”

Who’s an evangelical and who gets to decide?

COMMENTARY: Virtually every week we get another story of how evangelicals love President Trump, no matter what he does. Pundits likewise offer much analysis of the reasons for evangelicals’ undying fidelity. But the idea that Fox News-watching religious Republican voters are a stand-in for all evangelicals is ludicrous.

Fatherlessness Is Not Fatal

Despite what experts tell us about the devastating effects of absentee dads, growing up without an earthly father does not have to be a death sentence or a ticket to delinquency. The real danger lies in forgetting our heavenly Father.

How a courtroom ritual of forgiveness absolves white America

The show of grace and forgiveness toward Guyger, like those before it, requires that we ask some hard questions. What if “grace” and “forgiveness” and their compulsory racialized performance are part of what makes this anti-black world keep on ticking?

Halloween and the Holy Ghost

Is it a foolish glorification of all things wicked and evil, or just a fun holiday that celebrates the adrenaline rush of being scared and collecting tons of candy? Is there a right choice for Christians?

The Marathon

COMMENTARY: It can be an eerie feeling to see everyone around you accomplish the same goals that you have for yourself. But I’ve come to accept that everyone’s race is different, and people don’t achieve things at the same time.