Why Christians must support religious freedom for everyone

The fundamental human right of religious freedom is under attack around the globe today like never before. While this disturbing trend should concern everyone, it should be particularly alarming for Christians, because a Christian worldview requires us to care about religious freedom — including the religious freedom of others.

God’s Gift of Being Your Mother

COMMENTARY: I am not a biological mother, but I have mothered so many children throughout my life. My life has not played out the way I planned it, but it has worked out exactly as God has planned it.

At The Cross

A deeply personal commentary on working through life’s challenges, deciding what to leave at the foot of the cross, and focusing on God’s plan for your life.

REFLECTION: Liturgy in the public square

Moving outside the confines of a church building allows us to remember profoundly the experience of Jesus and his followers on the streets of Jerusalem, in the upper room, before the councils of church and state, and on the road to Calvary. And we come to understand more fully Christ’s gift of vulnerability to us all.

Trump signed Bibles. Heresy? Many religious leaders say no

President Donald Trump was just doing what he could to raise spirits when he signed Bibles at an Alabama church for survivors of a tornado outbreak, many religious leaders say, though some are offended and others say he could have handled it differently.

We need more biblical literacy in America

President Trump has embraced proposals in six states to offer classes in biblical literacy. Let me state, at the outset, that this is a bad idea — in practical terms, and for political reasons. Having said that, let me also say that America needs more biblical literacy.

How to have productive disagreements about politics and religion

In the current polarized climate, it’s easy to find yourself in the midst of a political disagreement that morphs into a religious argument. People’s religious affiliation predicts their stances on abortion, immigration and other controversial topics, and disagreements about these issues can seem intractable.

Evangelical Christians need an exit ramp from Trumpism

I have opposed evangelical Trumpism from the beginning. Some of those supporters are members of my own family. As long as there is a chance for decency and honor to prevail, I will make the case to them. I will not give up on my family, just as I will not give up on my country.

Laquan McDonald: Forgive, Don’t Forget, and Then Fight

I'm in Chicago and we're reeling over a judge who acquitted three Chicago police officers of trying to cover up the 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. It's hard not to feel some kind of way (insert eye roll here), even though officer Jason Van Dyke was convicted last...

Trump and R. Kelly: Are Christian Values for Sale?

Maya Angelou famously said, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” That’s why some Christians stand by Trump and others love R. Kelly.

Let the Word Speak

Spoken word is a compelling alternative to hip-hop in the articulation of a Christian point of view.

How Maya Angelou made me feel

“I want to acknowledge how Maya Angelou made me feel as a young black American woman, and how those feelings have defined how I experience myself as a complete human being.”

Is this Kwanzaa’s Moment?

Could it be that the principles of Kwanzaa are more relevant now than ever as we struggle against renewed assaults on our very value, freedom, and right to exist?

The Brats of Christmas

What “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” teaches us about being true Christians — even when the Herdmans come to our church.

BLM, Social Movements, and the changing role of chaplains

Chaplains are increasingly present in social movements including Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and Standing Rock. They provide a steady presence to protesters grappling with existential questions amid deep tensions that characterize such situations.

Generosity: Going beyond the tithe

It isn’t by force or threat that we should approach generosity. It is with full conviction of who we are in Christ that we live generous lives. It goes far beyond one moment one day a week. It should bleed into our everyday lives.

50 years in, Chisholm’s historic victory offers inspiration

For inspiration and example, the list of winners that includes Ayanna Pressley, Lucy McBath, Jahana Hayes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and others might want to learn from the lessons of Shirley Chisholm, who made history as the first African-American woman elected to Congress.

Why are we STILL explaining that blackface is racist?

Once again, another racist incident about blackface has made headlines. This time it surrounds NBC host Megyn Kelly, who apologized both on air and in a memo to colleagues after her on-air comments defending racist Halloween costumes.

On The Pursuit of Kiki … and the Church

Leaning into the last quarter of the year, we won’t soon forget #summer18 as the time Drake and Kiki had us in our feelings. The Drake and Kiki dynamic is cute, but pales in stark comparison to the dynamic of Christ and his pursuit of the Church.

What does the Bible mean to Black millennials?

In our shifting religious landscape — one that largely does not formally hear and heed the voices of Black millennials — I’ve wondered how they value and engage Scripture as they flip the pages of the Bible or scroll the sacred text on smartphones.

White boys will be boys: Kavanaugh, #MeToo and race

Thursday’s drama on Capitol Hill and evangelical Christians’ responses to it reveals much about the racial problem at the heart of white conservative Christian America. In short, black boys can never simply be “boys.”

30 Years of Christians in Hip-Hop

A notable, special, and interesting collection of 30 rap songs by Christian artists, including a bunch of “honorable mention” titles.

Are You Afraid to Raise Your Voice?

Author Kathy Khang will motivate you to find your own personal voice for the good of the community and sharing God’s Word — particularly when race, ethnicity, and gender are at play.

Difficult Conversations: Pregnancy, Childbirth Complications

Black mothers are three to four times more likely to die than white mothers in pregnancy and childbirth. The disparity has existed for decades. Women of varying ages open up about their experiences to address how the disparity has affected generations of black women — and even women in the same families.

Women athletes honor God with their bodies

For young women, a focus on physical discipline can be great practice for developing their spiritual discipline. A meditation on female athletes, the Olympic spirit, and our bodies as reflections of God’s glory.

The surprisingly beautiful Africa the media never shows you

When Motebang Moeketsi looks at his country, he sees the majesty of its mountains, the stillness of its rivers and the joy of its people. Moeketsi lives in Lesotho, a country that sits between the Drakensberg and Maloti mountain ranges and is surrounded by South...