Have you ever wondered how to press into your purpose? You may recognize that God has gifted you and believe He has a plan for you, but are uncertain how to realize your purpose. Pastor Stephen Chandler has one of the fastest growing churches in the United States at a time when people are attending church less and less. How is he growing and walking in purpose in the midst of such transition and apathy all around us? UrbanFaith contributor Maina Mwaura sat down with Pastor Stephen Chandler to talk about his new book Stop Asking For Permission which helps us unlock our God given potential. The interview is above more about the book is below.

From the pastor of one of America’s fastest-growing churches, Union Church in Maryland, Stephen Chandler releases his debut book, Stop Waiting for Permission: Harness Your Gifts, Find Your Purpose, and Unleash Your Personal Genius (September 27, 2022, WaterBrook) with a foreword by New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This bold, inspiring manifesto will show readers how to dream, plan, and ultimately achieve their great calling in life.



Stephen Chandler is the senior pastor of Union Church, based in Maryland, and the author of Stop Waiting for Permission. Through his unapologetic pursuit of fulfilling his God-given purpose, Union Church has become known for its unrelenting desire to unite people with purpose. Since its launch in 2011, Union Church has grown from fifty to thousands in weekly attendance, with tens of thousands joining live online every week. It has expanded to multiple campuses across Maryland. Stephen’s obsession with people, systems, and culture resulted in Union Church (formerly Destiny Church) being named the fastest-growing church in America by Outreach magazine.

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