Jelani Greenidge

A Pacific Northwest native, Jelani Greenidge is a dynamic communicator with a drive to inform, inflame, and inspire. When he’s not doing freelance work, he’s also learning on the job as associate pastor of Sunset Covenant Church in Portland, Ore.

Whether in print, in song, or in person, Jelani engages people with a stylized blend of urban intellect, incisive commentary, and practical theology. He tackles a variety of subjects, but his sweet spot is right at the three-way intersection of nerd culture, hip-hop culture, and evangelical culture. He is a speaker, writer, arranger, producer, hip-hop emcee/lyricist, stand-up comic, and the founder of Motif Worship, a resource for keyboard-driven worship leaders.

Plus he dabbles in comedy now.

Jelani resides with his lovely bride Holly in north Portland alongside several resilient plants, an XBOX One, and no pets.

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