Bishop Vashti McKenzie Encourages Others Through New Gratitude Project

Bishop Vashti McKenzie Encourages Others Through New Gratitude Project

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Bishop Vashti McKenzie has started her own project to inspire gratitude during COVID-19. The aptly named Gratitude Project focuses on inspiring feelings of gratitude, inspiration and joy to combat anxiety amid COVID-19.

“I’m often asked, ‘How do you stay positive in a crisis?’ The truth is that the pool of pessimism will call my name before the porch of positivity invites me to sit down,” said Bishop McKenzie in a news release. Bishop McKenzie serves as the 117th elected and consecrated bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and was the first woman elected to episcopal office in the more than two centuries history of the denomination.  “How you start your day is important. I practice my spiritual disciplines daily whether through prayer, praise, study, meditation, worship, fasting and more. I read devotionals or a book, and use various apps like Abide and Calm.”

McKenzie has partnered with April Ryan, White House correspondent and Washington, D.C. bureau chief for American Urban Radio Network; Carla Harris, renown financial expert and senior client advisor managing director at Morgan Stanley; Sybrina Fulton, founder of The Trayvon Martin Foundation; and American gospel musician Earnest Pugh. She’s encouraging everyone to send their gratitude moments in to be shared via social media. You can find additional words of gratitude at and on Bishop Vashti’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

“I’m inviting everyone to join me in a special Gratitude Initiative: pray a gratitude prayer daily; write at least two things about what you’re grateful for, whether in your journal or recorded on your computer, tablet or cell phone; and share what you’re grateful for online or on social media,” said Bishop McKenzie in a news release. “Let’s get this gratitude train going and keep it going! You have to work for it, so love your neighbor as yourself. Let’s be partners in hope, carriers of optimism and purveyors of joy!”

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‘Overcomer’ Star Priscilla Shirer to Headline Selah Conference

‘Overcomer’ Star Priscilla Shirer to Headline Selah Conference

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Internationally acclaimed actress and bestselling author, Priscilla Shirer and health guru and serial entrepreneur Pinky Cole, owner of the acclaimed plant-based restaurant and food truck, Slutty Vegan, will headline the 2019 Selah Leadership Encounter for Women, which will be held November 21-23, 2019 at the fabulous new Omni Frisco Hotel in Texas. Selah, an ancient word meaning to pause or stop here before moving forward, will give leader women a rare opportunity to learn, grow and shape their destinies. Created by Vashti Murphy McKenzie, bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the first woman elected to this position in the denomination’s 232-year history, Selah is the place for women to dream big, go home, and execute.

Named one of the top eleven conferences for women who want to level up in 2019 by Essence magazine, Selah Leadership Encounter for women is a place for leaders to reset, refresh, and recalibrate.

“Selah is not just a conference; it’s a community of leaders. It is a safe space for women to help each other rise, soar and shape their professional and personal trajectories. It’s a level up with thought leaders, trendsetters and cultural change-makers, who share their expertise, triumphs, and setbacks in an effort to inspire and teach,” said Bishop McKenzie.

Developed for women looking for a holistic approach to next-level empowerment and training, this year’s line-up features speakers from the corporate, community and the congregation including movie director Deborah Riley Draper; leading business expert Becky A. Davis; national speaker, trainer and author, Dr. Micaela Herndon; church founder and senior pastor Dr. Cynthia Hale; and author and movie producer, Cheryl Polote-Williamson.

Along with workshops, the 2019 Selah Dallas Leadership Encounter for Women will also feature a rooftop welcome reception, Boss Brunch, private movie screening, vendors and more. Selah Leadership Encounter for Women attracts more than 400 women from around the country annually in Dallas and Atlanta including executive, c-suite and leader-women from diverse fields. Designed for leaders from diverse careers, Selah attendees are leaders in their companies, their civic and community organizations, their families and their churches.

Selah Leadership Encounter for Women is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that brings in national experts to help women identify realistic solutions to handle the stress and strain of their busy lives. Selah teaches women how to develop action goals that address leadership styles, decision making and problem-solving. For more information or register visit