An Update on Maintaining Those New Year’s Resolutions

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With us being several weeks into 2019, you might have already gotten slightly discouraged or fallen off track when it comes to the goals you’ve set for the year, so we thought it may be a good idea to revisit those resolutions with an update. While setting goals, people tend to be very whimsical and sometimes unrealistic with their New Year’s Resolutions and how they want things to manifest in the upcoming year. So to assist with maintaining your goals, serving your purpose, and most importantly achieving the goals you’ve set, here are few tips:


Yes, I said it. You have to begin small. I know that you probably aren’t use to people telling you to think smaller when it comes to achieving something, but studies show that when you attempt to achieve smaller goals, you are more likely to be successful at reaching them. If one of your goals this year is to lose a substantial amount of weight, instead of aiming straight for the intended target, set a smaller one. If you want to lose 40 or more pounds, instead of focusing of the entire 40, concentrate solely on losing the first 10 to 15. And, don’t forget to congratulate yourself when you reach your halfway mark.


Maybe this year you want to travel more, but what else? The point of a resolution is to make a positive change, but remember to ask yourself: “Will this change also be beneficial to my overall purpose?” While working towards your 2019 goals, think about the positive outcome in completing these goals and how it contributes to your purpose. And, as the months go by, remember to keep in mind how successfully completing such goals will positively affect those around you. Make sure that you are allowing the light that shines within you to beam and even reflect onto others. To be able to share your life’s purpose while achieving your goals? I’d call that a true win!


Your year won’t look the same as the next person’s simply because your purpose is not the same. While nurturing and tending to your goals this year, make sure to focus on your own individuality. Your resolutions will never be identical to someone else’s and that’s ok! No one has the same purpose, therefore no one will have the same goals. Staying focused on one’s self is key to achieving your greatest potential. Think of it like coloring, if you stay within the lines, you will create your own beautiful picture.

Diary of a Celebrity Makeup Maven: Entry 4

Deida PhotoHere is the final blog entry from Celebrity Makeup Artist Deida Massey on her experience as a Christian makeup artist in the entertainment industry. Read along as Deida answers our fourth and final question below and be sure to check out all of Deida’s blog entries about her career as a successful, God-fearing MUA.

Do you have final words of advice for anyone who is looking to become a successful, makeup artist?

My advice to anyone who wants to work in my industry would be to research the makeup field and prepare. Preparation is key.

I knew when I moved to L.A. I wanted to work in film and television and the application was different. Therefore, I wanted to prepare for that. In addition, I worked at the makeup counters to learn diversity. I worked at makeup counters to build my confidence and learn the application of makeup as it relates to different ethnicities.

Today I never would’ve imagined my full-time career being a makeup artist. The Bible says “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before the great” (Proverbs 18:16). Truly working as a makeup artist is a faith walk! Everything that has unfolded in my career I believe is by FAITH. In my profession, there are times when you don’t know when you are getting paid. There are peaks and valleys in this profession. So my advice to anyone pursuing a career in entrepreneurship is to have FAITH.

Yes, I worked hard to prepare to become a successful makeup artist, but I also believe I have a natural gift for the art of makeup. I didn’t go to school to learn makeup. I only took one class at Columbia College Chicago to learn the application of makeup for film and television. I never ever thought I would be a makeup artist. Only GOD knew that. While working a 9 to 5, I realize I didn’t want to live in monotony. It wasn’t until my aunt, who later became my client, bought me two makeup books that intrigued me. I decided to research how to make my gift a profession.

The makeup field has changed drastically since I started. Today, artists are saturating social media with makeup videos and product demos to promote their brand and showcase their work.

In order to obtain jobs in the profession of makeup, one should understand the importance of networking. Networking and finding mentors in your field are important to help discover and develop your skills as a makeup artist. In the beginning, I not only researched how having a career in makeup could be lucrative, but I took the time to research other successful professionals in the industry. I strategically aligned myself with people who later became my mentors and taught me things about the industry I never knew.

It is also important to have a passion for what you do. I believe your passion leads to your paycheck. There were times I did not get paid for doing makeup because I had a passion to learn more and explore more. As I became more confident in doing makeup, I learned to turn my passion into a business. I set myself up as an LLC, got an EIN number and started to operate as an actual business.

I learned how securing the job was just as important as getting booked for the job. Therefore, I used my education that I learned while in law school and applied that knowledge to writing deal memos that would break down the terms and conditions. When it’s your passion you don’t mind getting up doing what you love to do.


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