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Water is so vital that without it, life on earth would cease to exist. Not only is it necessary for our bodily functions, —we can only survive three days without it—crops need water to grow our food. It regulates the temperature on earth so we don’t freeze or burn up. Even the oxygen we require comes partly from evaporated water. Of course, we know that the ultimate source of water is God. The prophet Zechariah asserted this when he wrote in Zechariah 10:1, “Ask the LORD for rain in the spring, for he makes the storm clouds. And he will send showers of rain so every field becomes a lush pasture.” Zechariah went on to explain that this illustration of God’s giving us rain was to bring out another vital truth. God is not only the source of physical water. Water symbolizes God, the Source of all we need to live meaningful lives both here and hereafter. The prophet called people of his day to turn away from false sources of information like idols, fortune-tellers, or false interpreters of events— all of which can cause people to go astray and miss God’s blessings. He urged them to rely on God, the true Shepherd of His people—one who is strong, stable, victorious, and trustworthy. He offers us the water of life, as Jesus did to the woman of Samaria. He offers to live in us as a spring of water that satisfies our inner thirst forever.

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