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The military organizes itself with ranks to equip, control, and ensure accountability. An enlistee can rise from private all the way up to Sergeant Major. In the church, God counts on elders and pastors to help people grow in their faith and equip them to serve. In chapter 13 of the book of Hebrews, the writer urges us to obey our spiritual leaders. God does not call them to dictate behavior, but to assist spiritual growth. We can often gauge our growth by how close we draw to God and fulfill His purpose for us. Since power to do God’s will comes from God, we must rely on Him to help us do His will. If church leaders are faithful in doing their job, God does His work through us. If leaders fail, they will give account to God. Now if church leaders are faithful, but members fail to follow, members will give account to God for their unfaithfulness. The writer of Hebrews tells us how we can achieve God’s purpose in the world. It is because we have a great Shepherd, Jesus Christ. He ratified God’s eternal covenant with his blood. He satisfied our sin-debt by dying on the cross. By rising again, He proved that His death satisfied God’s righteous requirements. As a result, God is now pleased to equip us to do his will. If we trust and obey God, we can give a good account on the day when Christ evaluates our lives.

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