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The Chicago Bulls were a basketball team before Derrick Rose arrived. But they did not win a lot of games until he got there. A player with great talent makes a big difference on a team. That is why Joshua knew that ancient Israel was in big trouble without God on their side. With God’s help, Joshua led his nation to capture the city of Jericho. But a few days later, they suffered defeat by the small town of Ai. Joshua 7 informs us that they lost because one of their men had stolen what belonged to God. At this sudden turn of events, Joshua tore his clothes and fell before God, not knowing what had happened. God told him that his people had sinned. They had stolen the goods that belonged to God, lied about it, and put the stuff among their own possessions. As a result, they could no longer win against their enemies. Furthermore, God said He would not be with them any more unless they got rid of the sinning man in the camp. God identified Achan as the guilty man and they put him to death. The man lost his inheritance in the Promised Land because of greed. On top of that, his sin affected the entire nation, just as Adam and Eve’s sin caused the downfall of all humanity. To reconcile us to God, God sent His Son into the world to redeem us. Those who accept Him will win both in this life and in the one to come—even if they cannot play like D. Rose.

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