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In our country, when officers arrest people, they have to read them the Miranda Warning. The warning says people have the right to remain silent; and if they speak, whatever they say can be used against them in court. Police must also inform them that they have the right to have an attorney present whenever they answer questions. We are blessed to have these rights in our country. But sadly, when the religious leaders arrested Jesus Christ, they did not follow these simple rules of justice. And as they questioned him, they violated their own legal procedure. According to their law, they were supposed to have witnesses to accuse him first, and then he could defend himself. At his hearing, the high priest tried to get Jesus to incriminate himself. They intended to use his words against him at an official trial. Jesus reminded the high priest of the correct way of first getting witnesses; but a Temple guard considered Jesus’ answer as insolence and slapped him. When the high priest realized he could not get Jesus to incriminate himself, he sent him to the official high priest and the Council. The people who tried Jesus did not give him a fair hearing, a fair trial, or a fair sentence. At any time, law administrators with integrity will always aim to be fair.

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