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Laws serve as the primary referee between people. They help to foster peace and justice in our society. No one knows how many laws we have because lawmakers add new ones every year. When we look at all the conflict in our world, it is clear that we lack the ability to abide by all the laws we have-otherwise why would we spend so much time, money, and energy enforcing them. When God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses, He gave us laws to regulate our moral behavior. These laws help us know when we are violating God’s righteous standards. But we keep breaking them! So God, realizing how powerless we are to live by these values, has given us a new way to have favor with Him. He gave His Son to die for all our offenses. Now when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, God sets us free from the bondage of always choosing evil. As we live by faith in Him, God helps us to resist wrongdoing. The Apostle Paul explains this in Galatians 3. There he tells us that we all have equal access to God’s help in doing right. So if you find yourself struggling to resist evil, accept Jesus Christ into your life. Then ask God’s Spirit who lives inside of you to help you say No to wrongdoing. When we yield ourselves to His control, He helps us say “no” to sin and “yes” to doing right.

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