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A recent study reveals that couples that choose to live together without marrying do so primarily for three reasons: 1) They hope to strengthen their relationship; 2) They want to test their suitability for each other; 3) and/or they want to share living expenses. Their objective is to avoid any long-term commitment or run the risk of divorce. We learn from Joshua, Chapter 24, that at the end of his life, he urged his people to make a formal commitment to keep God’s covenant. He said, “Serve the LORD alone. But if you refuse to serve the LORD, then choose today whom you will serve.” The people responded by saying, “No, we will serve the LORD!” Joshua replied, “You are a witness to your own decision. You have chosen to serve the LORD.” “Yes,” they replied, “we are witnesses to what we have said. We will serve the LORD our God. We will obey Him alone.” Making a formal commitment is consistent with what God himself does. The writer of Hebrews (Chapter 6) informs us “God has given us both his promise and his oath.” He does it to accommodate our need for certainty. God pledges to forgive our sins when we place our faith in His Son. Since God himself takes oaths, we should make and keep commitments to one another. That should include the commitment to be faithful in marriage.

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