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Some organizations ask potential employees to take a skills test. The purpose is to see if the candidate has the right skills for the job. Joseph in Egypt tested his brothers. When they came to buy food the first time, he demanded that they bring their younger brother Benjamin if they ever came back. They came back with their brother. Next, Joseph wanted to test their character. Here is how he did it. On their next visit, he told his manager to put his silver cup in the sack belonging to the younger brother. It would look as if Benjamin had stolen the cup and deserved severe punishment. Would they come to Benjamin’s rescue, or would they abandon him as they had abandoned Joseph 20 years before? After telling his manager to put the cup in the sack, as soon as they left, he told the manager to chase down the brothers and bring back the one with the cup. The plan worked. When they returned, the brothers pleaded for the young man’s freedom. Judah even offered to take his brother’s place as a slave to keep his father from dying of grief. The brothers’ character had changed. They passed the Joseph’s test. If somebody gave you a test to determine your attitude toward justice and righteousness for others, would you pass it?

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