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Scholars have debated for ages the biblical truth, “God created us in His image.” Most agree that this includes our likeness to God’s attributes of intellect, emotions, and will. God created us this way so we could have fellowship and communication with God. When God speaks to us, we can understand what He says; when God shows us love, we can love Him back; when God tells us what to do, we can either accept and obey, or reject and disobey. That God chose to create us this way is an amazing act of grace. Scholars agree that God’s image does not mean He has a physical body. Of course, Jesus Christ took on a physical body when he came to earth; but in essence, God is spirit. We read in John 4 that Jesus made that perfectly clear. He told the woman of Samaria, “God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” Jesus also told the woman that the place of worship is irrelevant, because God is everywhere; but the attitude of worship is vital. Only those who worship God in Spirit and in truth are true worshipers. They come to God through Jesus, God’s Son. Their purpose is to honor and glorify God alone — not themselves. They leave worship determined to do the will of God. Jesus said the Father is diligently looking for people who worship him that way.

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