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A man’s car would stop not and start without a push. With no money to get it fixed, he just let the engine run as he made his rounds all day. He did this for about two years. One day, he was explaining his problem to a friend. The friend lifted the hood, and saw a loose cable. He gave the cable a twist, stepped into the car, pushed the starter, and the engine roared to life. Power to start was there all the time. Like this man’s predicament with his car, many do not know about the wonderful gift God has for them. They try various tactics to find fulfillment in life. They may even know of God, but are afraid to submit to Him, thinking He will kill their joy or condemn them. Some create a code of conduct to sooth their conscience. When the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans, he explained God’s plan to connect people to Himself. He said God classifies all of us as sinners so He can show mercy to all based on His unmerited favor. As the God of the universe, He can do that. He can forgive all who admit they are sinners and come to Him through Jesus His Son. Some people reject this idea as too narrow and try to establish their own path to God. Yet they only need to lift the hood and realize they need to connect with God. When they turn to him, their lives will roar to life just as that old car did.

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