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A man who invented a popular e-mail system went to work for the company that bought it. They gave him the job of answering questions for those who had problems. Although millions enjoy the program, he spends his day dealing with people who fail to follow directions. He often leaves work feeling miserable by all the complainers. Is God disappointed when we complain about His plans for us? God does things for His glory and our best interest. That is why when Mary and Martha informed Jesus that their brother was sick, Jesus delayed two days before He went to help them. He told his disciples that the reason he delayed was for the glory of God. Even though he loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus very deeply, He loved His Father more; and the will of His Father had to take precedence over his love for the sisters. That is a truth we often find hard to fathom. Only as we grow in our faith do we begin to appreciate God’s infinite wisdom in orchestrating our lives. In our weakness, we cry out and expect God to answer us quickly. Often He does, but sometimes for His glory and our good, God delays coming to our rescue. We must remember that God knows what is best for us. Delay can strengthen our faith and build our character. That brings greater glory to God than a quick reply.

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