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A Native American, Obie Philpot, wrote the song, “He’s got the Whole world in His hands.” Since he wrote it, many artists have recorded it, including Mahalia Jackson. The song expresses a powerful truth: God created, sustains, and cares for the entire universe and everything in it. The song’s simple words capture the truth of Psalm 95. The writer invited the entire world to sing to the LORD, to shout joyfully to Him who is the Rock of our Salvation. He then offers compelling reasons why we should do it. He says God, the great King above all gods holds in His hands the entire universe. The sincere singing of that truth can help us appreciate God’s greatness, and it can help us affirm our own identity. All who sing this sincerely confess that God created us. He is the one who keeps us alive today and supplies our every need. Such gratitude will lead us to appreciate the cross of Calvary, where God’s Son paid our sin-debt. He made it possible for us to enjoy eternal life. Since God is the Source of every thing that exists—including every human, and since He holds our destiny in His hands, it make good sense to acknowledge God’s supremacy, to surrender our lives to Him, and to carry out God’s good pleasure here on earth.

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