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Most people recall where they were September 11, 2001. On that day, New York’s Twin Towers collapsed and killed 2800 people. The event is etched into our memories. It’s costing $15 billion to erect a memorial of that event, plus $60 million a year to maintain it. Most say the cost is worth it. After all, 2800 innocent people died; the monument reminds us never to let it happen again. Memorials help us recall our past so we can plan the future. It’s why God gave ancient Israel memorials. Deuteronomy Chapter 5 tells us that the Sabbath Day was to remind people of God’s rest after He created the universe. God gave them six days to work, but they were to use the seventh day to rest and to worship God out of gratitude for His blessings. They were also to let their servants and animals relax. God said one reason they were to do this is that they were once slaves in Egypt and He had set them free with His strong hand and powerful arm. God said, “The Sabbath is your day to recall all I have done for you.” For Christians, the event that evokes most gratitude is Christ’s painful death on the cross to pay for our salvation and His resurrection. We set aside the first day of the week to worship God, to reflect on that great event, as well as to thank Him for all He does for us day by day. The Lord’s Day is a treasured memorial for those whose faith rests in God and in His Son Jesus Christ.

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