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When a man and woman fall in love and marry, they form a bond—one that transcends what either is before they marry. They enjoy each other’s presence, emotional and sexual pleasure, and a host of other benefits—all because they unite with each other. Marriage helps to illustrate a biblical truth. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, God unites us with His Son. As a result of this union with Christ, Paul, in Eph Ch. 1, says, we receive every spiritual blessing that exists in the heavenly realm. Spiritual blessings are those nonmaterial blessings that cannot fade away. To transmit them to us, God adopted us into his family before He created the world. Paul says that before the world began God loved us and chose us to be in union with Christ. He then purchased our salvation with the blood of His Son, and forgave us all our sins. On top of that, God has also revealed His plan. At the right time, God will bring together everything in heaven and on earth under Christ’s rule. Now here is an exciting truth–we believers will bewith Christ in his rule because of our union with Him. Such spiritual blessings are hard for us to fully grasp. But they excite us to live and faithfully serve our Lord in this life, even as we anticipate what is to come.

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