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Our hearts beat about once every second. The heartbeat itself lasts less than a second; then for the rest of that time, the heart is resting. Since our blood-pumpers beat about 100,000 times a day, they rest more than five hours a day. Perhaps those frequent breaks enable the heart to last so long. God’s wisdom in creating our hearts this way is simply amazing. Just as God built the human heart to renew itself, He has also provided rest in other areas of creation. Most tree roots rest during the winter. Animals, like humans, alternate between activity and rest. In addition to the rest our bodies call for each day, God set aside one day in seven for us to renew our inner-selves. Those who ignore this provision often pay a heavy price. Before Chuck Colson passed away, he urged God’s people to rediscover the weekly day of rest. Secular coaches stress the physical and mental benefits. Yet God’s people see even greater paybacks. We set aside a day, not only to refresh our minds and bodies, but also to reflect on God—the source of our blessings, and to deepen our relationship with Him. We read in Isaiah Chapter 58 that God reminded ancient Israel to keep the Day of Rest holy and speak of it with delight as the LORD’s holy day. A weekly day of rest helps to strengthen us for doing the will of God all the other days of the week.

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