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Ever since our Lord arose from the dead on the first day of the week, most followers of Christ have chosen to worship on Sunday. But for many people, Sunday has become “fun day.” Maybe the similarity of sound helps to promote Sunday as fun-day. But more importantly, so-called “fun-day” activities often trivialize Sunday and detract some from the worship of the Lord. Of course, we might overlook those who do not profess faith in Christ. But we who call ourselves Christ’s followers might well think and act differently. We dare not allow our “to do” list to crowd out worship of the author of our eternal salvation. The Bible tells us that God, upon finishing the work of creation, paused to celebrate it. Later, Nehemiah (Chapter 13), urged his people to respect the Sabbath Day in response to all God had done for them. So if God celebrated a finished creation and Nehemiah urged his people to celebrate God’s blessings, surely we, the recipients of God’s new creation in union with Jesus Christ, ought to celebrate the finished work of our Savior. Of course, we aim to please God every day. But, in addition, when we can, we gather with God’s people to worship, study, fellowship, and serve others. From this experience, we gain inspiration and motivation to live for God’s glory the other days. We celebrate Him because of the eternal blessings He has provided us.

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