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A recent survey revealed that 95% of Americans have sex before marriage. The study shows that even among women who were born in the 1940s, nearly 9 in 10 had sex before marriage. Of course, the question Christians should ask is not whether others are having premarital sex, but does the practice violate God’s moral law and maximize the potential of sexual pleasure. Clearly, God’s Word tells us that sex outside of marriage violates God’s law, and carries many hurtful outcomes. But let there be no mistake about God’s approval of sex within marriage. Not only is it God’s way of carrying on the human race, it is His design to afford pleasure for married couples. Solomon’s Song helps to confirm that. The book describes two lovers — a man and woman — anticipating and consummating sexual love within the bounds of marriage. In Solomon’s beautiful poem, the bridegroom invites his bride — “Come with me, my bride. … You have ravished my heart, my treasure, my bride.” He then enumerates her endearing qualities, including her physical qualities — from her lips to her hips. He says true marital love outstrips all other human relationships. It not only satisfies sexual desires, it causes couples to stick together through good and bad times. They experience an intimate union that is far more enduring and satisfying than sex outside of marriage.

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