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In many churches today, Christians clash over the genre of music they prefer. Some want traditional hymns; others prefer Gospel or modern praise music. Each group makes a compelling case for the kind they like. Music may an example of the kind of issue the Apostle Paul had to settle within the church at Rome. Back then the people argued other the kind of food they ate and what days to celebrate. In Romans 14, Paul gives his advice: He said when it comes to petty or “disputable” issues; we should tolerate those who are weak in faith. Bear in mind that this is the principle to follow when critical issues are not at stake. Paul argued fiercely for the integrity of the Gospel. He said let God’s curse fall on anyone who brings you another Gospel than the one I preached–that people are justified by faith. He also insisted that Christians must live by Christ-centered morals and ethics. But when it comes to non-essential issues, we should operate with a sense of love and acceptance. Paul asks, “Why do you as a weak believer condemn a strong believer for his convictions? Why do you look down on a weak believer? Paul said, Remember we will all stand before the judgment seat of God. Each of us will give a personal account to God. So whether you prefer the clapping or the non-clapping section in the church, we should make sure our praise goes up to the Lord.

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