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Stockbrokers typically tell their clients to diversify their stocks. They advise them to invest in small, medium, and large companies; to invest in companies outside of America, and to buy bonds. They do this so that if one part of the economy falters, they will not lose all of their money. Advice similar to this comes from the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 11:2. The writer says, “Divide your investments among many places, for you do not know what risks might be ahead.” Another piece of advice found there is this: we must realize that God often works in ways that we do not understand. One example: we do not fully understand the mystery of how God causes a tiny baby to grow in its mother’s womb; and how a new baby can have attributes so similar to the parents, yet be so different in other ways. Just as we cannot fully understand the mystery of childbirth, neither can we understand many other areas of life. For that reason, the writer urges us to recognize the sovereignty of God in the affairs of the world. Realize that we need God’s wisdom in order to navigate through life. God offers to guide those who submit themselves to Him. He guides us through the Scriptures He has given. God’s Spirit directs the paths of those who long to do God’s will; those who submit their ways to Him in the name of Jesus Christ.

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