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One advisor says a successful sales leader needs special knowledge about a product or a program. He needs people skills in order to guide others. And he needs creative skills to envision and plan how to fulfill a purpose. When God chose Moses to lead ancient Israel out of Egypt, Moses used the leadership skills God had given him. From the day God appeared to him at the burning bush until the day he died, Moses demonstrated remarkable leadership abilities. Despite his initial reluctance to accept the assignment, he showed great persistence as he confronted the stubborn king of Egypt. In the face of looming danger at the Red Sea, he did not budge in his faith. He believed God would do as He promised. Despite rebellious and complaining people, he patiently tolerated their stubborn attitudes. He carefully followed God’s instructions in conveying God’s laws and in building the Tabernacle—all of which insured God’s presence among the people. For it was God’s presence among the people that set them free, protected them, provided for them, and guided them to the Promised Land. Exodus Chapter 40 tells us seven times that in erecting the Tabernacle, Moses did everything just as God had directed him. Even today, his abilities and skills as a leader are a model for anyone God calls to guide others.

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