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In Genesis 22, we find the record of God testing Abraham’s faith. God spoke to the patriarch this way: “Take your son–yes Isaac–whom you love so much–and go to the land of Mt. Moriah. Sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will show you.” The next morning, Abraham arose, saddled his donkey, cut wood, and with his son, left for Mt Moriah. On the way, Isaac asked about the sheep for the offering. Abraham assured his son that God would provide the sheep. When they arrived, Abraham built an altar, arranged the wood, tied up his son, laid him on the altar, and picked up the knife to slay his son. Suddenly, God spoke to him from heaven, “Abraham, Do not touch the boy in any way, for now I know that you truly fear God. You have not withheld from me even your son, your only son.” God said, “Because you have obeyed me and have not withheld even your son, your only son, I swear by my own name that I will certainly bless you. I will multiply your descendants beyond number, like stars in the sky and sand on the seashore. Through your descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed.–all because you have obeyed me.” God still wants us to give Him first place in our lives. All who do this receive eternal blessings.

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