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The Global Ethics University has identified values they say a person in business or ministry needs to be successful: Be Honest. Have integrity. Be responsible. Aim for quality. Be trustworthy. Be respectful. Be a team player. Show concern for the community. Bring value to shareholders or sponsors. All these are worthy values. When the Apostle Paul gave advice to Timothy, he used three illustrations to drive home important values for him, but they apply to anyone who wants to serve Jesus Christ. Paul said just as a good soldier aims to please his commanding officer, we should aim to please our Lord Jesus Christ. Just as a good athlete disciplines himself and follows the rules in order to win in athletic competition, so we must discipline ourselves to win the prize our Lord has promised us. And just as a farmer works long and hard but is rewarded with good crops, so we must be hard workers for our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. Paul said proof that we have guarded the truth we received is when we have passed it on to trustworthy people who can, in turn, transmit that truth to others. The Apostle Paul’s charge to Timothy is something we should heed today. A leader’s job is not complete until another leader is recruited, equipped, and commissioned to take our place.

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