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The Consumer Confidence Index measures our attitudes about the economy. When it rises, businesses are glad; when it falls, they are sad. To build the Index, experts use 40% of current market conditions, and 60% of what consumers think about the future. Confidence in the future is vital in gauging future economic growth. Faith in the future is also important to Christians, but we do not base our hope merely on what consumers think. The Bible tells us what we can expect. In Romans, Ch. 8, Paul gives a very optimistic scenario for the future of God’s people. (Quote) “What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” Paul then explains that all creation is waiting eagerly for the future—for the day when God reveals who his true children are. At that time, creation will join God’s children in freedom from death and decay. Today, like everyone else, believers have difficulties, even though we have the Holy Spirit as a foretaste of future glory. We eagerly wait for the day when God gives us our full rights as his adopted children. At that time, He will give us the new bodies he has promised us. It’s true that we do not know the future fully but we know who holds the future. This certain hope inspires us to share the Good News, to work for justice and morality in our world, to serve Jesus Christ our Savior, Lord, King.

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