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Jealous people often use slander to destroy a person who is doing good deeds. Some say one way to deal with slander is just to say nothing. Others say, if you must respond, do it calmly; let your character shine out; repay good for evil; when you fail, apologize and ask forgiveness; finally, let it go and move on. David of old had to cope with slander often. He describes one situation in Psalm 56. His accusers were relentless and vicious, determined to bring him down. They twisted his words unmercifully. They plotted to undo the good he was doing. Rather than retaliate, he chose to put his case into the hands of God. He pleaded with the Lord to vindicate him. He invoked God’s justice. He was sure God knew all about his suffering and cared for him. He says, “You have collected my tears in your bottle.” He rested on the promises of God, and ended his prayer on a note of thanksgiving. He was confident that God would vindicate him and give him the victory. Chicago Bulls’ coach told his players, when other players bully you do not retaliate; turn the other cheek; you will have the last laugh. Even though David endured a lot of slander, grief, and conflict, he died peacefully on his bed–the greatest king that nation ever had. He became the prototype of King Jesus who will reign forever. So when slander comes your way, make sure it is false, and leave the outcome to God.

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