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Booker T Washington founded the Tuskegee Institute in 1881. The school, located in Tuskegee, AL, began with 1 building and 30 students. Today, the school has 100 buildings and 3000 students. Graduates have made a tremendous impact all over the world. Washington’s book, Up from Slavery, has educated thousands of Americans on the horrors of slavery. He was a man of great faith in God, and he never gave up. His life illustrates Proverbs 10:7 which says, “The memory of the righteous will be a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot.” An even far greater legacy is that of our Lord Jesus Christ. He shook the world during his 33 years on earth. He revealed God to us by his life, his teachings, his death, and resurrection. Today, one third of the world’s population professes faith in him as their Savior. His followers aspire to pattern their lives after Him. Musicians have composed millions of songs about him. Christ’s legacy continues to make an impact after 2000 years. The compelling question is how will people remember us? Will our children remember us as a loving parent who brought them up to know and love the Lord? Will our church and community remember us as one who used our abilities to serve others? Will others remember us as a good friend? Keep in mind that “the memory of the righteous will be a blessing.”

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