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Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin died at the hands of a neighborhood crime watcher. His death triggered nation wide outrage, because his was merely the most recent death of an African American at the hands of an alleged racist. Even though many Black youth die weekly from gang violence, this killing uniquely aroused the ire of those who long for justice in our country. Whether the taking of life stems from gang violence, senseless abortion, or racism, any destruction of innocent life grieves the heart God. While the goal of our justice system is to hold the guilty accountable for their actions, we also know that every person will stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Governments curb and regulate evil behavior; but God depends on His people to be salt and light — to promote acceptable behavior. We do it by our message and our manner of life. We know from Jesus that evil actions come from an evil heart. He said evil thoughts and murders come from within (Matt. 15). Jesus changes the hearts of those who come to Him in faith, and live by faith in Him. We who claim Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord have a duty to society. We must tell people that God does not condone violence or injustice against innocent people. We must send that strong message with our lips and our lives.

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