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Dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. While it has its advantages, dual citizenship can also make life complicated. You might have tax obligations in both countries. The Bible teaches that believers in Jesus Christ, while living on earth, also have citizenship in heaven. This means that while we have certain duties as members of society, we have a higher obligation to God in heaven. Jesus tells us we are salt and light in the world. At the same time, Paul tells us that our citizenship is in heaven. He explains this in his letter to the Philippians. Just as Philippians claimed Roman citizenship though living in far away Philippi, believers are heavenly citizens while living here on earth. As citizens of heaven, God calls us to shun earthly values of self-centeredness, pleasure seeking, and living only for the moment. Paul criticized people of his day who claimed the benefits of salvation based on the sacrificial death of Christ; yet at the same time, denied its power to help them live a holy life. He said such people are enemies of the cross of Christ. Paul invited them to follow his example — to engage in a relentless pursuit of Christ-likeness. Jesus was persistent in obeying His Father in heaven, even as he served people here on earth. That is what citizens of heaven do.

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