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Idol worship takes many forms. Historically, —people have worshiped trees, rivers, hills, stones, the sun, moon, and stars. It can also be the undue worship of people–heroes. In our country, we have music idols, fashion idols, TV and movie idols. We also worship money, sex, drugs, and whole lot more. In fact, an idol is anything that occupies the place of God in our life. It is why all through the Bible, God repeatedly warns us about allowing things and people to take the place that only He deserves. King Hezekiah once had to destroy an image that God himself told Moses to make. Out in the wilderness, God sent snakes to punish the people because they rebelled against his and Moses’ leadership. When they repented, God told Moses to make a brass snake and put on a pole. God promised to heal anyone bitten who in faith looked up to that bronze snake. But we learn from 2 Kings, Ch. 18, that several hundred years later, people began to worship that very snake as an idol. So King Hezekiah destroyed it; it had become a stumbling block to the genuine worship of God. Only God deserves our highest praise, our highest devotion, and our complete obedience. It should be our greatest ambition to let nothing come between our Lord and us. To do so, is the worst form of idolatry.

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