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Billy Sunday once said about hypocrites, “Don’t hunt through the church looking for a hypocrite. Go home and look in the mirror. See that you make the number of hypocrites one less.” The Apostle Paul also spoke about hypocrites also. In the book of Romans, ch 2, he addresses people who look down their noses at others while practicing what they condemn in them. He reminds his readers of three criteria God uses to judge people–including hypocrites. (1) God judges according to truth: Paul writes, “We know that God’s judgment against those who do wrong is based on truth–that is, on the way they really are. (2) God judges according to a person’s deeds: He writes, “God will give to each person according to what he has done.” (3) God judges according to the light a person has. Paul writes, “The day is coming when God, through Christ Jesus, will judge everyone’s secret life. Hypocrites will have no standing in that day. Because God judges so thoroughly, none of us can escape the consequences of our actions–no one except those whom God forgives because of what His Son has done. God forgives those who ask Him because His Son Jesus died for our sins. With Jesus Christ as our Savior, we do not have to pretend as hypocrites do. True believers know they are not perfect. They are simply forgiven.

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