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ServiceMaster has pledged to honor God in all they do. Beyond this, they have adopted 8 company values: care for people; do the right thing; value diversity; value teamwork; keep their word; delight in customers; continue to learn; and commit to innovation. Long ago as ancient Israel was about to enter the Promised Land, Moses listed five values God expected the people to observe. We find them in Deut. 10: They were to fear the LORD, walk in all his ways, love him, serve him; and observe his commands and decrees. Moses told them to observe these things for two reasons–first, because God is the sovereign ruler over the entire universe. Moses said, “Everything in the highest heavens and earth belong to God.” As with them, so with us–God deserves our highest devotion for the same reason. God is the Creator and Sustainer of all that exists. Then Moses said, “You are to love and obey him because God loves you.” God said, “Not only do I love you; I also love orphans, widows, and foreigners living among you. Since I showed love to you when you were foreigners in the land of Egypt, you should show love to foreigners living among you.” Today, God is still calling us to love Him and to love those for whom He cares–orphans, widows, and foreigners; and to love them irrespective of race, creed, or color.

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