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Blue Chip Economic Indicators predict the future for businesses. The secret of their success is that they survey all the best forecasters and arrive at a consensus of what the economy will do. As a result, both business and government make plans based on these highly reliable predictions. One of Solomon’s proverbs is this: “Make plans by seeking advice.” He states in Ecclesiastes 7:12 that “Wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.” One attribute of truly wise people is that they try to make prudent plans. Jesus endorsed the idea of planning. In one story, He told about a wealthy landowner who had a steward that mismanaged his boss’s money. Realizing that his boss would fire him, he went to each debtor and reduced what each owed his boss. He did it so they would be kind to him after he lost his job. Even though he was a crook, his boss commended him for being so shrewd. He was wise enough to make plans for the future. Using the illustration of the crooked but shrewd manager, Jesus encouraged His listeners and us to make plans for the future. We should not only plan for potential crises here on earth, but most importantly, we should plan for life beyond the grave. For whether or not we choose to believe the Scriptures, they teach that we are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment. Wise people consider the future and make plans.

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