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Weddings are times when two people make commitments to love and cherish one another. They are joy-filled occasions. But one wedding brought unexpected joy of a different kind. It was a wedding at Cana in Galilee. The couple invited Jesus and His disciples to attend. We read in John chapter 2 that the wine ran out, potentially causing great embarrassment to the couple and their families. Jesus’ mother was there and she urged her Son to do something. He turned 150 gallons of water into exquisite wine. But turning this water into wine did far more than save the couple from embarrassment. Jesus demonstrated His power and control over nature. In doing so, He proved He is no ordinary person. John said after seeing this miracle, this sign of His divine identity, His disciples believed in Him. We humans have inner drives that compel us to seek satisfaction. We hunger for food. We thirst for water. Our inner spirits long for security, fulfillment, and significance. If we search in the wrong places, we are disappointed and disillusioned. The Christ who created us invites us to come to Him, and He will satisfy us fully. Turning water into excellent wine was just one way Jesus shows us His ability to satisfy our deepest yearnings—our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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