Today is everyone’s favorite day for tricks and treats and great costume feats, well almost everyone’s. As many kids as there will be out trick or treating in ghoulish costumes there will also be a number of kids dressed up as biblical characters heading to Harvest Night, Hallellujah Night, Hallelujah House of Praise, Hell House and other Christian spins on Halloween festivities. But not all church kids do this excitedly.

In the video below, Kev on Stage–1/3 of the Playmakers, the group behind “Stuff Black Church Girls Say” and “10 Types of Black Preachers”–perfectly captures a church kid’s thoughts on celebrating Halloween as part of the set apart. If you let this kid tell it, church kids are a little disenchanted. Watch the video and see for yourself and then let us know what you and your kids do–or don’t do–for Halloween.

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