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A man was trying to get the Duke of Wellington to buy a bulletproof vest he had invented. He assured the Duke that it was a great invention, and it could save his life if anybody tried to assassinate him. The Duke asked the man to put it on so he could examine it more closely. The man gladly put it on. Then the Duke called for a rifleman to test it, but it never happened. The inventor bolted out of the door before the rifleman got there. The Shunamite woman faced a different kind of test. Elisha had promised her that since she was so generous to him, God would give her a son. Sure enough, a year later, she gave birth to a son; but later still, the boy took ill, and died. She rushed to Elisha to tell him that her son was dead. She believed that since at Elisha’s word, the son was born, at his word, the child could live again. When she got to where Elisha was staying, his assistant met her and tried to find out why she had come. She refused to tell him, but chose to speak directly to Elisha. The man of God went to the bedside of the child, and after praying and stretching himself out upon the lad, the boy revived. Miracles that Elisha performed at God’s direction certified him as God’s prophet. Today, God has revealed himself to us by His written word, his Son, and His Spirit. We have no doubt that God’s exists, has spoken, and will forgive and transform all who come to him by faith in Jesus.

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