Before–well a month before–web series such as “Awkward Black Girl” became a household names among black millenials, there was Janette IKZ (pronounced “Genetics”), a Christian spoken word artist who touched our souls with her piece “I Will Wait for You.” In the piece, she verbally strums the pain many have experienced in singleness and the pursuit of Mr. or Ms. Right Now through her carefully curated and rhythmic words. That was in February of 2011 and the video has over 2.2 million views.

This past summer Janette IKZ jumped on the web series bandwagon to bring us “The Wait is Over???” which followed her and her fiance on the path to their wedding day. The couple is now happily married and settling into their new lives, but you can watch their journey to the altar on YouTube. If you’ve never heard “I Will Wait for You” start there–the video below–and then go forward.

“I Will Wait for You”

“The Wait is Over???” Episode 1

Click here to watch the entire “The Wait is Over???” series.

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