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Moody Radio began in October 1925. A violent storm kept the scheduled musical talent from getting to a commercial radio station. Two Moody students with musical instruments happen to be in the radio studio. They substituted for the missing people. One year later, these same students helped to launch WMBI, the first religious radio station. Now 80 years later, Moody has 36 radio stations, satellite, and digital broadcasting, reaching millions of people worldwide. Moody Radio is doing what God told Jeremiah to do 2600 years ago. We learn in Jeremiah Chapter 11, that God told the prophet to broadcast God’s message all across the land. Of course, he had no radio, but he had a voice and a message from God. God said, tell the nation they have broken the covenant they made at Mt. Sinai—an agreement to obey the Lord. God warned to them to expect consequences for their actions. They were worshiping idols instead of God, and they were taking advantage of others. Still today, God holds us liable when we fail to worship Him with all our being and when we fail to love others and treat them justly. God calls us to repent of our sinful actions and accept His forgiveness based on the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus the Christ. That, in essence, is the message Moody and other Christ-centered radio stations broadcast today.

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