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by C.O. of IDOL King

27 years ago, Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing” exploded into theaters, taking a hard look at the racially charged atmosphere of a close-knit Brooklyn neighborhood that led to the tragic death of one of the main characters at the hands of police. In the current strained environment of urban cities across the country, it can seem as though life is imitating art. The question posed by the movie to those who were facing injustice was will you do nothing, or will you do the right thing?

As inequity of all forms appears to reign without restraint, the current generation is confronted with a similar challenge. But for most, the uncertainty doesn’t lie in whether or not they should do the right thing. Nearly all agree that you should do the right things, but does it have to be for the right reasons?

Pioneering Holy Hip Hop artist “C.O.”, best known for being the creative and founding force behind the trailblazing rap group IDOL King, contends that real influence produces transformed lives and not just trend followers. “This only happens when the motives behind the ‘right things’ we do are aligned with God’s intentions, or in other words, the right reasons,” he says.

Committed to creating rhymes that champion Christ as the answer to today’s societal ills, C.O. spells out a few of those right reasons:

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Empower others to Recognize God’s Love is Tough Love

The truth hurts, but it also heals. The touchy-feely response of some members of the Body of Christ to injustice has too often produced a view of love that accommodates our prejudices rather than eliminates them. “God’s love absolutely comforts the afflicted, but it also afflicts the comfortable,” C.O. reminds. While it doesn’t feel great to personally confront racism, it must happen to prevent the church from being a weak and ineffective voice in the current struggle for dignity.

Equip Others to Be Diplomatic And Direct

A diplomat is someone who sensitively and effectively deals with situations based on valid information. If we are unaware of the full counsel of God’s word, including what He has to say about discrimination, we will only be capable of offering a partial solution. Real diplomacy occurs when we present Christ while directly confronting the often glossed over the sin of racism.

Encourage Others to Increase Biblical Convictions

What are our convictions based on? Is it God’s word, the stereotypes, and prejudices we were raised with, or what we see flashing on the nightly news? Thankfully, God’s word shines a light on our faulty assumptions. The gift of truth is right in front of us – and needs to be taught in our churches and reinforced by our artists. We can’t afford to plead ignorance to the damage that racism still causes.

It is right to stand up, it is right to insist on the freedom we are promised in Christ. But it becomes righteous when our reasoning matches the motives of God. Yes, let’s do the right thing, but let’s make sure it’s for the right reasons.

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