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God described Job as the finest man in all the earth, a man of great integrity who feared God and stayed away from evil. Despite this, Job flunked his biology test. To reveal Job’s character, God let Satan take his wealth, his family, and his health. His friends failed to comfort him or explain why he was suffering so. Job himself complained that God had abandoned him. He longed to meet with God; certain that if he could present his case to the Almighty, God would agree that Job’s complaints were valid. Finally, God showed up, but instead of listening to Job’s complaints, God posed a series of questions—about God’s infinite wisdom in fashioning life on earth and the workings of the vast universe. Unable to answer any of God’s queries, Job admits (Chapter 42) he had flunked God’s biology test! He was not present at creation, nor could he explain why God governs the universe the way He does. God’s questions showed Job how finite humans are and how wise and powerful God is. Once God revealed himself to Job, the man was satisfied. God never did explain why Job was suffering. God’s presence alone was enough to satisfy and comfort him. Job saw God with the eye of faith and realized that the LORD and His purposes are supreme. When we humble ourselves before God as Job did, God makes Himself known to us, and the doubts flee away.

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