By now most are familiar with Janette…IKZ (pronounced “Genetics”). She is the poet behind the spoken word piece “I Will Wait” and last summer she launched a web series entitled “The Wait Is Over” to document her journey to the altar with her now husband Matthew Watson. ThenĀ “I Will Wait,” which has been viewed over 2 million times on YouTube, touched people because of Janette…IKZ’s transparency about her struggles with singleness and now, the “I Waited For You…” wedding vow is taking many by storm because of the same transparency. Not one to mince words or paint unrealistic pictures, Janette…IKZ loads her vows with brutal honesty about who she was when she first met Matthew, who she is becoming in Christ, and even how she might fail given human nature. But, most of all, what Janette…IKZ communicates for the many who’ve watched the video thus far is an honest love for her husband rooted in her love of Christ.

There’s not much more to say about it besides that, so check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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