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Communication has a long history. Adam and Eve could talk as soon as God created them. Sumerians invented writing in 3500 BC. Phoenicians gave us the alphabet in 1600 BC. Paper came in 750 BC; the first printing press was invented in 1450 AD. Then books and magazines came. The telephone arrived in 1876, radio in 1920, the first TV in 1947, and the personal computer in 1976. In 1989, the worldwide web gave us the Internet and, eventually, social media. The goal is to communicate as fast and far as we can. Some think the vision God gave Ezekiel illustrates how God’s word will spread. In Ezekiel chapter 47, the prophet had an unusual vision. He saw water trickling out of the Temple eastward past the altar. An angel walked beside him to measure the water. First, water came to his ankles. They walked 1750 feet further and water came to the prophet’s knees; 1750 feet more and water came to his waist; 1750 feet more and the water was too high to walk in. Then as the angel escorted Ezekiel back up the river, he saw fruit trees growing, and the river filled with fish. Some think Ezekiel may have seen in a vision what Jesus would later say, that the Good News about God’s Kingdom would spread so all the nations will hear it, and then the end will come.

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